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Terminal Brain Tumor Patient with Aphasia

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About the Client:
We are a compassionate family seeking specialized care and support for our 55-year-old mother who is living with a terminal brain tumor and experiencing aphasia. Our primary focus is to enhance her communication abilities, address her physical and emotional needs, and provide support and resources for her and our family caregivers during this challenging time.

Project Overview:
We are seeking an experienced healthcare professional with expertise in palliative care and communication disorders to provide comprehensive care for our mother. This project entails communication aids, speech therapy, and emotional support to enhance our mother’s quality of life and facilitate meaningful connections with her loved ones.


Assess our mother’s communication abilities and needs, in collaboration with speech-language pathologists and other healthcare providers, to develop personalized strategies and interventions to enhance her communication effectiveness and support her participation in meaningful activities and interactions.
Recommend and facilitate the use of communication aids and assistive technologies, such as picture boards, speech-generating devices, and language apps, to compensate for our mother’s expressive and receptive language difficulties and promote her independence and autonomy in daily communication tasks.
Provide speech therapy services tailored to our mother’s specific communication goals and challenges, focusing on exercises and techniques to improve speech articulation, language comprehension, and social communication skills, while addressing her emotional and psychological needs related to aphasia.
Offer emotional support and counseling to our mother and family caregivers, addressing their concerns, fears, and coping strategies associated with living with a terminal illness and communication difficulties, and facilitating open communication, understanding, and acceptance within the family.
Collaborate with our mother’s multidisciplinary healthcare team, including oncologists, neurologists, palliative care specialists, and mental health professionals, to ensure integrated and holistic care that addresses her physical, emotional, and psychosocial


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