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24×7 Pediatric Nurses for Newborn Triplets

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About the client:
We are a loving and dynamic family joyfully welcoming newborn triplets into our lives. Our primary focus is to ensure the well-being, development, and happiness of our precious babies during their early stages of life.

Project Overview:
We are seeking compassionate and experienced pediatric nurses to provide round-the-clock care for our newborn triplets. This project entails a 6-month contract with the possibility of extension based on the evolving needs of our growing family.

• Provide attentive and specialized care for each newborn triplet on a 24×7 basis.
• Monitor vital signs, feeding schedules, and overall health conditions for all three babies.
• Administer medications and follow prescribed treatments as directed by healthcare professionals.
• Engage in activities that promote the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of each baby.
• Collaborate closely with parents and other caregivers to maintain a nurturing and harmonious environment for the triplets.

• Certification as a pediatric nurse with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.
• Proficiency in neonatal care, including feeding, bathing, and diaper changing, with experience handling multiple infants simultaneously.
• Strong understanding of infant health and development, particularly in the context of premature births and multiples.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a home environment, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability to the unique needs of each baby.
• Excellent communication skills and a compassionate demeanor, fostering a supportive and collaborative relationship with the family and other caregivers.
• Competitive compensation package commensurate with experience, with additional incentives for overnight and weekend shifts.
• Opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of three newborn babies and their family, providing essential support during this critical stage of development.
• Supportive work environment with open communication, mutual respect, and opportunities for professional growth and development.
• Potential for contract extension based on performance, mutual agreement, and the ongoing needs of the triplets.

Application Process:
Qualified staffing agencies with experience in pediatric nursing and a passion for providing top-tier care are invited to submit proposals outlining their approach to sourcing, screening, and managing qualified pediatric nurses for this project. Please include details on your recruitment process, candidate qualifications, and any additional services or support your agency can provide.

Project Budget: $1,300,000

Deadline for Applications: May 20th

Contact Information: starkhr@starkhr.com

Intermediation Fees:
As the intermediary facilitating the connection between your family and the staffing agency, we charge a nominal introduction fee of 4% of the total contract value. This fee covers the time and effort invested in ensuring a seamless partnership and ongoing support throughout the project duration.
To initiate the process, we request an upfront payment of $500, which will be deducted from the total introduction fee upon successful placement of the pediatric nurse. Should the placement not be successful, the upfront amount will be fully reimbursed to you within 7 days.


Total Budget: $1,375,574.40