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Terminal Lung Cancer Patient with Dysphagia

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About the Client:
I am a 70-year-old man diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and experiencing dysphagia, which significantly affects my ability to eat and drink comfortably. My primary goal is to maintain my comfort, dignity, and quality of life during this challenging time, with a focus on managing my symptoms and optimizing my nutrition and hydration.

Project Overview:
I am seeking specialized care and support from a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare professional. This project involves palliative care, swallowing therapy, and nutritional support to address my dysphagia and promote my comfort, well-being, and quality of life as I navigate terminal lung cancer.


Provide palliative care services focused on symptom management, pain relief, and psychosocial support to enhance my comfort, dignity, and overall quality of life as I approach end-of-life care, while respecting my values, preferences, and treatment goals.
Conduct swallowing therapy sessions, using evidence-based techniques and exercises to improve my swallowing function, reduce aspiration risk, and enhance my safety and comfort with oral intake of food and fluids, while addressing any psychological or emotional concerns related to dysphagia.
Offer nutritional support and counseling, including dietary modifications, texture modifications, and alternative feeding methods, to ensure adequate nutrition and hydration while accommodating my dysphagia-related restrictions and preferences for food and fluids, as well as addressing any weight loss or malnutrition concerns.
Collaborate with my healthcare team, including oncologists, palliative care specialists, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, and social workers, to ensure integrated and holistic care that addresses my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, while supporting my autonomy and dignity in decision-making and end-of-life planning.
Provide education and support to my family caregivers, ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and resources to provide compassionate and effective care, while addressing their own needs for support, respite, and coping strategies during this challenging time.

Experience in palliative care and symptom management, with a comprehensive understanding of the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of care in individuals with terminal illness, and a commitment to providing compassionate, person-centered support that honors my values, preferences, and treatment goals.
Expertise in dysphagia management and swallowing therapy, including assessment techniques, therapeutic interventions, and dietary modifications for individuals with dysphagia due to cancer-related or other end-of-life conditions, while prioritizing comfort, safety, and quality of life in oral intake.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to establish rapport, build trust, and foster open, honest, and compassionate communication with me and my family caregivers, while providing support, guidance, and emotional reassurance throughout the palliative care journey.
Empathy, sensitivity, and cultural competence, recognizing and respecting my unique experiences, beliefs, and wishes regarding end-of-life care, while facilitating meaningful connections, shared decision-making, and dignified transitions in care that honor my values and preferences.
Commitment to ongoing professional development and education in palliative care, dysphagia management, and end-of-life support, staying updated on advances in treatment modalities, research findings, and best practices to optimize my care and quality of life during this challenging time.


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