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24×7 Pediatric Nurse for Newborn Baby

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About the Client:

We are a caring and supportive family seeking a reputable staffing agency to assist in sourcing a dedicated and experienced pediatric nurse to provide round-the-clock care for our newborn baby. Our priority is to ensure the well-being, comfort, and development of our child during the early stages of life.

Project Overview:
We require a pediatric nurse to join our family team on a 6-month contract basis, with the possibility of extension based on performance and evolving needs.

• Provide round-the-clock care for our newborn baby, including monitoring vital signs, feeding schedules, and overall health condition.
• Administer medications and follow prescribed treatments as directed by healthcare professionals.
• Engage in activities that promote the baby’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development.
• Collaborate with parents and other caregivers to maintain a nurturing and safe environment for the baby.

Agency Requirements:
• Proven experience in sourcing and providing qualified pediatric nurses for home care assignments.
• Ability to manage shift planning, ensuring coverage for 24×7 care, including nights and weekends.
• Understanding of neonatal care protocols and best practices.
• Strong network of skilled pediatric nurses and ability to conduct thorough screenings and background checks.
• Excellent communication and coordination skills to ensure seamless collaboration between the agency, caregivers, and the family.

• Competitive compensation package for the agency’s services.
• Opportunity to collaborate with a caring family and make a meaningful impact on the life of a newborn baby.
• Potential for ongoing partnership and referrals for future assignments.

Payment Schedule:
The payments for services rendered under this project will be made on a weekly basis, in accordance with market common practices. The payment cycle will commence from the date of the first pediatric nurse’s initial assignment and will continue until the completion or termination of the contract.

Invoice Submission: The staffing agency shall submit detailed invoices outlining the hours worked by the pediatric nurse during the respective week, along with any applicable night shift premiums and agency fees. Invoices must be submitted electronically no later than Friday to the designated representative of the client, so that payments can occur on Monday.

Application Process:
Staffing agencies with experience in pediatric home care are invited to submit proposals outlining their approach to sourcing, screening, and managing qualified pediatric nurses for this project. Please include details on shift planning, coverage options, and any additional services or support your agency can provide.

Project Budget: $ 500,000

Deadline for Submissions: May 20TH 2024

Contact Information: starkhr@starkhr.com

Intermediation Fees:
As the intermediary facilitating the connection between your family and the staffing agency, we charge a nominal introduction fee of 4% of the total contract value. This fee covers the time and effort invested in ensuring a seamless partnership and ongoing support throughout the project duration.
To initiate the process, we request an upfront payment of $500, which will be deducted from the total introduction fee upon successful placement of the pediatric nurse. Should the placement not be successful, the upfront amount will be fully reimbursed to you within 7 days.


Total Budget: $458,524.80