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Terminal Lung Cancer Patient with Dyspnea, Anxiety, and Spiritual Distress

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About the Client:
We are a compassionate and supportive family deeply concerned about the well-being and comfort of our beloved mother, who is 55 years old and facing the challenges associated with terminal lung cancer. Our primary focus is to ensure that she receives the necessary care and support to manage her symptoms, address her emotional and existential concerns, and find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Project Overview:
We are seeking experienced healthcare professionals who specialize in palliative care and spiritual support to provide comprehensive assistance for our loved one. This project entails implementing tailored interventions, including palliative care, symptom management, and spiritual support, to address her physical, emotional, and existential concerns and enhance her quality of life.


Conduct a thorough assessment of our mother’s physical symptoms, emotional distress, and spiritual needs to develop a personalized care plan that addresses her unique concerns and preferences.
Provide palliative care to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with terminal lung cancer, focusing on enhancing her comfort, dignity, and quality of life.
Deliver symptom management interventions to address dyspnea, anxiety, and other distressing symptoms, including medication management, oxygen therapy, and non-pharmacological interventions such as relaxation techniques or breathing exercises.
Offer emotional support and counseling to help our mother navigate the challenges and uncertainties of terminal illness, addressing her fears, anxieties, and emotional distress.
Provide spiritual support and guidance to help our mother find meaning, purpose, and peace in her journey, offering compassionate presence, listening, prayer, or rituals according to her spiritual beliefs and preferences.
Collaborate closely with our mother’s oncologist, palliative care team, mental health professionals, and spiritual advisors to ensure coordinated and holistic care that addresses her physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
Educate and support our family in understanding our mother’s condition, treatment options, and how to best support her in finding comfort, peace, and dignity during this challenging time.

Certification or extensive experience in palliative care, oncology, or hospice care, with expertise in providing compassionate care and symptom management for individuals with terminal cancer.
Proficiency in delivering symptom management interventions to address dyspnea, anxiety, and other distressing symptoms associated with terminal lung cancer, with a focus on enhancing comfort and quality of life.
Experience in providing emotional and spiritual support to individuals facing terminal illness, with sensitivity to their beliefs, values, and cultural backgrounds.
Excellent communication skills and a compassionate demeanor, fostering trust and collaboration with our mother and her family, as well as interdisciplinary healthcare teams and spiritual advisors involved in her care.
Patient Case:

Terminal Lung Cancer Palliative Care

Patient: 55-year-old female

Condition: The patient has terminal lung cancer, experiencing dyspnea, anxiety, and spiritual distress. She requires comprehensive support including palliative care, symptom management, and spiritual support to address her physical, emotional, and existential concerns and enhance her quality of life during this difficult time.


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