Wire Payment Instructions


For wire payments, please use the following instructions:


Bank Name: MetaBank

Bank Address: 5501 S BROADBAND LANE
SIOUX FALLS, SD 57108-0000

Routing Number: 073972181

Account Number: 70002324050091

Beneficiary: Stark HR Consulting LLC





It is important to identify the type of service being paid so we can credit your account correctly:


Resume Writing: 95USD - reference RW099

Cover Letter: 45USD - reference CL049

LinkedIn Profile. 75 USD - reference LP079

Interview Preparation 145USD - reference IP149





Cover Letter + Resume Writing: 127.68 USD - reference CR133

Resume Writing + LinkedIn Profile: 153.60 USD - reference RL160

Cover Letter + Resume Writing + Linkedin Profile: 173.76 USD - reference FP181



You MUST include your Full Name, e-mail and reference number in the wire information.  Example: John Doe, jdoe@mail.com, ref CR133.


We will check online for incoming wire transfers throughout the day.  To check on the status of a wire transfer please check your e-mail for a receipt or contact us at (323) 287-5499