Why Each Small Business Should have a Good HR Support


Why Each Small Business Should have a Good HR Support

When you think of a small business you may not immediately think about human resources or HR support and how having or not having it can affect that small business.  Many larger companies and business rely on HR to help them with a variety of functions and small businesses can benefit from good HR support just as much as those larger companies.

A large part of what HR does is to ensure that your human resources needs are being met and mitigated especially when it comes to employee laws and legislation.  It is important for small businesses as well as all businesses to realize that there can be employees that are liabilities and having good HR support can help you deal with those employees.

Labor Laws

One of the major rolls of HR support is to make sure that your small business is in compliance with any labor laws that may apply to the business.  Human resources also help with the hiring process and employee issues.  A small business can benefit from good HR support in all of those areas and may find that they will find more reliable employees by using a good HR resource to help with the hiring process.  If the business is too small to have their own HR department they can easily outsource their human resources needs to a HR company.  This will allow for them to have all of the benefits of a good HR resource without having a HR department.

When it comes to labor laws having good HR support is very important for businesses of all sizes and especially for smaller businesses that may not be able to afford any legal issues.  As a small business there are several federal, state, and local labor laws that need to be covered.  These include how to keep track of employee information, administrator leave and absence, overtime pay requirements, how many breaks your employees get a day, how long their lunch break should be, and the requirements for how to classify your employees as exempt or nonexempt.  Human resources helps make sure that you are covered in all of those areas and can also help your business put together an employee handbook that will help compile all of your policies.

Risks of not having Good HR Support

According to The Wall Street Journal businesses are starting to get rid of their HR departments.  They are instead using their managers in different departments to cover human resource related functions.  Now this may sound appealing especially for a small business that may not have the funds to have an HR department.  However there are many risks that come along with relying on your managers to perform those HR functions properly.

For example it is fairly common for small businesses to have wrongful terminations lawsuits filed against them.  This can actually ruin a small business financially as they often do not have the funds to cover the costs of a lawsuit and can potentially bankrupt a small business.  When a small business has good HR support they can rely on that department to make sure that those issues are being handled in house and that there is no reason for a lawsuit to be filed.  This can help to reduce the likelihood of a lawsuit ever being filed. 

Human resources can help to ensure that all of your employees know what your expectations are for them and can identify what steps need to be taken by employees to meet those expectations.  They are also there to make sure that your small business is treating all employees fairly and that they are all working well together to accomplish the goals of your business.  HR support is not only there to help with the rules and regulations but another important aspect of HR support is that they help you hire the right people for the jobs that you need done.

Why Small Businesses should invest in Good HR Support

Good HR support can make a huge difference in how successful your small business will be.  HR can help you build your businesses, be effective, and grow.  Whether your small business has its own HR support or it is outsourced HR can help your business by helping your employees.  A great function of good HR support is that they look at which employees need training to make your business more efficient and successful.  By ensuring that your employees have what they need to be successful they can really help your small business take off.  This is done when an HR manager assess what skills your employees have and how to improve those skills and to also teach new skills through training to make your company more competitive.

Human resource support can really make a difference in the success of a small business.  It not only helps to enhance skills of employees but it also ensures that labor laws are being properly followed so that your small business is safe and successful.