"Cristine is one of the most dedicated HR Manager I ever met, she really connect with the people being involve in the problem at the same time maintaining very well the balance between people an company needs. She solve very difficult ensues in a proper and professional manner. At last but not least Cristine has a high ethics and moral standards. Was grate the time we work together " Javier Libre, Miami

"Cristine is a very committed professional, teamworker with a high level of motivation drived by the pleasure of understandig people needs" - Paulo Eyder, Brazil

"Cristine is a very dedicated, and results driven person. Her self-motivation contaminates the working environment and her assertivity impresses.
It was really great to work with Cristine" - Didi Frenchel

"Cristine is an welcoming and reliable person, committed to her role and responsibilities. She is open to learn and execute new approaches and reflect and correct when needed. She is an active teamworker and able to balance different perspectives." - Iris Haller, Germany

"Cristine made headlines internally when she joined the firm. Owner of a warm and action focused personality, she has supported ATK's training activities in the Sao Paulo office while i worked at the firm." - Fabiano Aguilar, Brazil

"Cristine desarrolló todas sus excelentes aptitudes en la Organización de Kion Sud America , afrontando cambios muy importantes en la organización de la Empresa y su traslado de Rio de Janeiro a Campinhas. Siempre atenta a los beneficios de gerenciar los RH de la Empresa con eficiencia y equidad para lograr los objetivos. Excelente profesional. " - Daniel Forte, Argentina