Success Cases

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Scrapping Reduction


Swedish Chemical company with a high production scrapping rate ( 10% - 1,2 Mio USD). Suppliers’ issues were as low as 2%; machine defects also were responsible for 4% of the scrapping, and Stark HR was hired to deal with the big "Others" part.


Learn more on how we dealt with the issue and reduced 30% with a 25k investment in HR processes.


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Company Integration - Move Into Buyer´s Facility


Dutch Consumer Goods Group bought a family owned business. For the merger to continue, everyone had to move to the buyer facility. To move into the buyer facility, there was the need to address several concerns. There was a change in location, which meant extra transportation costs, as well as changes in various benefit plans for the business, such as compensation and health care. With these changes and no additional budget, there was also the risk that employees would not work as efficiently or reliably as hoped due to a lack of motivation.


Learn more on how Stark HR worked with a zero budget and a lot of HR knowledge


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M&A - Merging 3 Companies And Keeping Sales Figures



The creation of a new healthcare entity required the integration of 3 different companies. Doing so came with its challenges, however. The biggest challenge was actually the fact that these were three separate cultures. They each came with their own people, locations, and strategies. They had years built up into each one, with long-time staff members and trusted strategy solutions. Getting everything together, and to work properly, was not going to be an easy task. Everyone had to work together, which meant managing relatively fast changes in strategy and environment. This could lead to numerous issues during production and sales, including an increase in defective products and difficulties with getting everyone on the same strategy.


Read how Stark HR supported this business to keep customers happy through HR


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Plant Closing


To ensure the successful closure of capital goods factory in a poor area, there were several steps required. Due to the challenges that faced this closing, it was not going to be a straightforward and simple process. The location was the biggest hurdle that everyone had to manage. There was a drug lord controlling the area and the area has a high unemployment rate, both of which meant there was harm to the health of the individuals involved. On top of this, output had to remain the same throughout the process. There was no desire to fire anyone or lessen productivity at all until it came time to close the factory. These challenges led to risks such as threats from the drug lord if the factory were to close down, lowered productivity due to motivation loss, and a strike.


Stark HR was able to deliver the project with no labor claims and 80 % of the workforce rehired on the day after closure (100% of those who applied for outplacement), a 3 months product inventory and a 950,000 Euro savings


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Start-up of Greenfield Plant



German Forklift Group decided to open a new plant in Brazil. Opening this new plant came plenty of challenges;  it required a completely new staff within 2 months’ time, a new benefits package that met local requirements,  lack of public transportation to the area, and branding. Being a completely new location, everything had to get up and running from the ground up. Doing this would require training and a sizeable investment.


Stark HR was faced with untrained staff , higher wages and benefit packages, and the challeng of keeping payroll expenses within the current budget.


Learn how we were able to save 50% of the forecasted budget and still deliver a full functioning production within the expected time.


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No Orders for Production Site


South American Oil&Gas Company wanted to avoid higher future financial damage from the lack of orders during a market crisis. Challenges facing these layoffs included dealing with a highly specialized workforce and a poor working relationship with the union. Due to the issues facing the relationship between workforce and management, there was a risk that employees would leave or strike at some point. It was especially troublesome if an order were to come in at some point. 


Stark HR presented an alternative plan with savings


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Benefit negotiation - Keeping Team and Finances "Healthy"


Italian Chemical Group had acquired several businesses in order to come to Brazil. Stark HR was hired to deal with the benefit patchwork and had to create a single solution that would fit all needs


The unification of health care providers for the entire group resulted in easier contract management, covered checkups, access to a wider selection of hospitals, “Health Days” to ensure that the health of the employees is in check, checkups for management, better reimbursement rates and annual savings of $300,000 USD.


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Plants in High Risk Location - How to Deal With Violence?


Production facility was located in the middle of a slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and got orders from the german Headquarter to cut the nightshift after receiving threats from local gangs. Stark HR was hired to make sure production output levels were not harmed under a no-investment cenario



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Payroll Integration - 20 years, 2 businesses, 5 payroll systems