We Are Your HR Team for Special Projects Anywhere


International projects come with unique risks and concerns. Local laws, benefits, needs, and making sure that you have top of the line employees are all priorities, and only a handful of them. There are nearly endless concerns that you have to keep in mind, all of them as important as the last. However, doing so is not so easy. International projects are not easy to manage, and certainly require a different approach than domestic projects. For this reason, you need a specialized and dedicated team to focus solely on International HR. Our International HR support allows you to gain from International projects, manage them successfully, and see a positive outcome. We will handle the risks and unique needs of International projects on an HR level.


International Growth

Moving to an International stage brings about its own advantages, benefits, and potential. For any business, this can be a great thing. It opens up opportunities for you, allowing you to succeed in bigger ways and to gain more from every success. An International stage, however, does have new risks and challenges associated with it. These risks and challenges could lead to loss, failure, and difficulties when not managed properly.

Multiple types of risks exist with International projects, one of the biggest being HR. The requirements and needs for HR shift as you enter a different market. Your strategies and expectations for domestic projects cannot remain the same, even if there are few to no changes in product, service, or business. HR will always change as you enter the international market, and you will need a team that can handle this in a professional and high quality manner.


The Three Challenges

While there are numerous challenges ahead of you for HR in your International projects, there are three main challenges that you will face. These are the biggest and the ones that will play the largest role in your success or failure. The ability to face these challenges and do well is essential.


·        Finding a Balance Between International and Local Needs

You cannot choose one over the other. You have to find a good balance between your local and International needs, making sure that you meet standards and expectations on every level. Employee needs and customer expectations should remain top priority, in all areas.


·        Managing the Workforce in Your Best Interest While Creating Employee Loyalty

Part of finding balance within the business itself is attracting talented individuals, getting the workforce to work harder, and keeping them satisfied with their jobs. Create loyalty and job satisfaction amongst your workforce, but make sure that you come out on top, too.


·        Keeping the Top Talent with You

Through everything, you want to keep the employees with the highest value for your business. The employees that have the highest potential, that are highly talented, and that offer more for your business are the most valuable. These are the ones that you want to keep interested, loyal, and engaged.


Your Special Projects HR Team


Our goal is to provide you with an HR team that can work in your favor, no matter where in the world you go. As new challenges appear and you take on greater responsibilities, you can turn to us to take on special projects in almost any place. We work all across the world, including United States, Europe, and Latin America, and can manage the HR fully. Services that we offer include:

·        Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

·        Handling Union Agreements with Your Best Interests in Mind

·        Integration with New Company Purchases

·        Assess Values and Risks When Selling Part of the Company

·        Assisting You in Starting Up New Operations

·        Seamless Transition to New Locations

·        Handling Problems and Roadblocks with Positive Outcomes


The complex nature of businesses, especially on an International scale, requires dedicated and knowledgeable help. The differences in laws, expectations, markets, standards, and other details will make it hard to transition to a International market alone. Whatever your own determination and skills, the amount of work ahead of you is insurmountable alone. Even with a domestic team, you may not have the full help, information, and guidance that you need.


Our services help you to overcome these challenges and move forward with your operations anywhere. We have an understanding of laws, regulations, and the requirements of HR around the globe. Using our knowledge and capabilities, you can have an HR team that gives your business a push forward. By minimizing risks, maximizing potential profits and opportunities, managing expenses, and focusing on the little details, you can focus on the business and the big details. You can have a business that runs the way it should and that brings positive results.


Contact us to have a fully managed HR team for International projects. We will assist you with a wide variety of special projects across the globe, making sure that the quality meets your expectations and that there are positive results.