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We've all seen free resume critiques on the Web – however, they can be generic and could apply to hundreds of resumes, not just yours. So while they might be free, are they helpful? We at Stark HR review each resume by hand, pointing out specific weaknesses and ways to remedy them. 


You will get a detailed, specific review of each section on your resume, as well as guidance on how to improve. We won't send you a one-page document with common information on how to write a resume. Our critique is a detailed analysis of YOUR resume, not the resume of the average job-seeker.


These are the items included on a resume evaluation:


•    Proofreading & Editing – spelling, grammatical errors, and punctuation. An error of this nature can send a resume straight to the trash.

•    Formatting - Potential employers may interpret your ability to organize information or how well it is presented in the resume.

•    Structural Coherence - Experience and accomplishments need to be presented in an orderly manner, so as to convey a natural professional evolution.

•    Theme - Professionals will apply a theme to the resume based on your career objectives.

•    Information - With a fresh perspective of the resume, professionals will be able to weed out information that lacks detail and replace it information that presents more meaning.

•    Voice - It’s important that the resume is presented in a uniform, active voice.

•    Keywords - All the popular keywords that need to be present on the resume.





How does it work?


After you sends your resume, we’ll let you know if the resume is fine, needs a little work, or needs to be completely renovated. We’ll also make appropriate recommendations based on industry and career level.


You will get a file with the recommendation in 24 hours after uploading the resume in our system and payment.




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