A successful recruiting program is key to attracting and selecting qualified candidates to join your company’s workforce. The process of hiring new employees involves several important steps for the employer, from creating an effective job description and promoting the job opportunity, to developing the interview and candidate evaluation process.  


The forms and checklists provided in this section cover the following topics related to recruitment:


Manager’s quick start checklist for staffing


Hiring checklist


Recruitment analysis


Cost of hiring new employee calculator


Personnel requisition status


Recruitment policy


Applicant testing request form


Pre –employment screening checklist format


All annexure of recruitment process


Waiting list letter


Short listing matrix


Recruitment process in details


Probationary period policies


Recruitment flowchart


Manpower requirement (planning) department wise


Manpower requisition form


Annual manpower plan form


Campus placement form


Interview rating form


Integration feedback form


Interview assessment form


Interview assessment managerial grade


Interview assessment matrix


Declaration form of the candidate


Interview rating system


Job analysis questionnaire


Job analysis flow chart


Job evaluation questionnaire exempt positions


Job evaluation questionnaire nonexempt positions


Interview referral check


Job description


Job analysis


Job advertisement