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Young Adult with Bipolar Disorder and Impulsivity

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About the Client:
We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for a 30-year-old adult diagnosed with bipolar disorder. During manic episodes, the client experiences impulsivity and engages in risk-taking behaviors, which significantly impact their well-being and daily functioning. Our primary goal is to help the client manage impulsivity, stabilize mood, and improve overall quality of life through a tailored treatment approach.

Project Overview:
We are seeking a skilled nursing team specializing in mental health and psychiatric care to collaborate in developing and implementing an effective care plan for the client. This project entails addressing impulsivity and risk-taking behaviors during manic episodes through pharmacological interventions, psychoeducation, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and coping skills training to promote mood stabilization and enhance self-management abilities.


– **Medication Management:**
– Administer mood stabilizers as prescribed by the psychiatrist to help regulate mood and prevent manic episodes.
– Monitor the client’s response to medication, assess for side effects, and communicate any concerns or changes in symptoms to the treatment team.

– **Psychoeducation:**
– Provide comprehensive psychoeducation to the client and their family about bipolar disorder, including the nature of manic episodes, the role of medication in managing symptoms, and strategies for recognizing and coping with impulsivity.

– **Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT):**
– Facilitate CBT sessions to help the client identify and challenge maladaptive thought patterns and beliefs associated with impulsivity and risk-taking behaviors.
– Teach cognitive restructuring techniques to promote more adaptive responses to triggers and stressors, reducing the likelihood of impulsive actions.

– **Coping Skills Training:**
– Collaborate with the client to develop personalized coping strategies and skills to manage impulsivity and regulate emotions during manic episodes.
– Implement coping skills training sessions focused on mindfulness, emotion regulation, problem-solving, and effective decision-making to enhance self-control and reduce impulsivity.

– **Collaboration and Monitoring:**
– Work closely with the client’s psychiatrist, therapist, and other healthcare providers to ensure coordinated care and consistent treatment goals.
– Monitor the client’s progress in managing impulsivity and mood stability, regularly assessing symptoms, treatment adherence, and functional outcomes.


– **Qualifications and Experience:**
– Registered nurses (RNs) with specialized training or experience in psychiatric nursing or mental health care.
– Knowledge of bipolar disorder, including symptomatology, pharmacological treatments, and evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions for mood stabilization.

– **Skills and Competencies:**
– Proficiency in medication administration and management, including monitoring for therapeutic effects and side effects of mood stabilizers.
– Expertise in facilitating CBT sessions and providing psychoeducation to clients and their families about bipolar disorder and symptom management strategies.

– **Personal Attributes:**
– Empathy, patience, and nonjudgmental attitude toward individuals with bipolar disorder, fostering trust and rapport in the nurse-client relationship.
– Strong communication and interpersonal skills to engage clients in treatment planning, promote adherence to therapy, and support their journey toward recovery and symptom management.

By implementing a comprehensive care plan focused on medication management, psychoeducation, CBT, and coping skills training, the nursing team aims to empower the client to effectively manage impulsivity, stabilize mood, and enhance overall well-being in their journey with bipolar disorder. Together, we are committed to supporting the client in achieving stability and improving their quality of life.


Total Budget: $496,735.20