Performance Evaluation System

The business challenges faced by small/medium companies are often greater than those of larger corporations. Small business leaders know that their people are the foundation of their success. Managing performance, building skills, and engaging employees to achieve superior results with limited resources are critically important for small businesses.



This System allows you to:


  • Choose your performance review workflow, including self assessment and additional approvals as desired.
    • Create your own performance evaluation forms, including the performance criteria that matter most to your business.
    • Incorporate multi-rater or 360 degree feedback in the evaluation process.
    • Conduct mid-year and probationary reviews to ensure on-going performance improvement.
  • Compare individual and team performance ratings to ensure fairness and accuracy.
    • Identify performance gaps early on through dynamic reporting – before targets are missed.
    • Surface organizational and department strengths and development areas.
    • Target training and development resources by identifying which functions/departments need improvement in specific areas.
    • Leverage mentoring relationships by connecting employees possessing key strengths with those who need development in the same area.



Lifetime License


No more pay per employee or subscription fee! We offer a one time payment lifetime license software. We offer customization and management service, but you have total control of the system and no surprises down the road. 


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