Your Special Projects HR Team


We Are Your HR Team for Special Projects Anywhere

Our goal is to provide you with an HR team that can work in your favor, no matter where in the world you go. As new challenges appear and you take on greater responsibilities, you can turn to us to take on special projects in almost any place. We work all across the world, including United States, Europe, and Latin America, and can manage the HR fully. Services that we offer include:


·         Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

·         Handling Union Agreements with Your Best Interests in Mind

·         Integration with New Company Purchases

·         Assess Values and Risks When Selling Part of the Company

·         Assisting You in Starting Up New Operations

·         Seamless Transition to New Locations

·         Handling Problems and Roadblocks with Positive Outcomes




Our services help you to overcome these challenges and move forward with your operations anywhere. We have an understanding of laws, regulations, and the requirements of HR around the globe. Using our knowledge and capabilities, you can have an HR team that gives your business a push forward. By minimizing risks, maximizing potential profits and opportunities, managing expenses, and focusing on the little details, you can focus on the business and the big details. You can have a business that runs the way it should and that brings positive results.


Services that we offer include:




  • Employee Skills Inventory
  • Workforce effectiveness analysis
  • Personnel requirements forecasting
  • HR Budgeting
  • Recruiting/Outplacement
  • Change management programs


Compensation / Payroll:

  • Compensation Analysis
  •   Market studies (Compensation/Workforce availability)
  • Workforce retention program


Employee Benefits:

  • Health & Welfare Program Assessment/Implementation
  • Retirement Support Program
  • Bonus/Incentive Program development
  • Expatriate Programs



HRIS / HRMS / ERP Solutions:

  • Payroll auditing and correction
  • System integration/migration



Talent Management / Employee Relations:

  • Succession Plan analysis
  • Succession Readiness Development program
  • Union Negotiation


Training and Development:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Training programs development
  • Training delivery
  • Coaching



  • Legal exposure analysis
  • Legal exposure reduction plan
  • Policies development and implementation
  • Board Performance Evaluation





We are the only consulting company that can support you with local teams globally – we can implement your strategy in a Region, making sure it complies with local regulations and culture.

We audit, recommend and execute – why pay someone to audit your processes and spend more later to have someone executing the changes? We do it all!

We reduce your financial risk exposure – by understanding HR locally we are able to support you with some risks: labor claims, theft, workforce evasion, etc.


Contact us to have a fully managed HR team for International projects. We will assist you with a wide variety of special projects across the globe, making sure that the quality meets your expectations and that there are positive results.