Once the right candidate has been selected for the position, there are a number of tasks to accomplish a smooth transition for the employee into the workplace.  Employers also need to ensure that they comply with all legal requirements related to recruiting and hiring new employees.


The forms and checklists provided in this section cover the following topics related to joining formalities and induction:


Application form


Joining documents required format


Checklist for new Employee after joining


Joining formality sheet


Candidate employment agreement


Service agreement / surety bond abroad

Service contract


Articles of agreement for trainee


Confidential information and intellectual property agreement


Appointment letter


Confirmation letter Employee application at the time of interview


Induction training plan for the week


New employee induction checklist


Induction training checklist


Joining report & employee information sheet


Staff induction program template


Induction procedure


Induction program presentation


Staff induction handbook - small business


Induction lecture