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Ever wonder why you can get the interview, but not the job? Qualifications will often land the interview, but executing a successful meeting requires more than just possessing the right skills for the job. Whether your interview skills are rusty, it’s not something you enjoy, or for reasons you’re unaware of your interviews are not landing you the job, we can help.


The average length of an interview is ~40 minutes, but some studies have shown that recruiters and hiring managers make their decision within the first two minutes of the interview. What is said in the interview is part of the equation, but your presentation, body language, and other factors can often mean the difference between landing the job of your dreams and missing out. Getting the interview is difficult enough – let us help you nail it!





  • A process that helps you feel more confident and prepared, and able to deal with those difficult questions you dread so much.
  • Teaches you to sell yourself more effectively make the most of each interview opportunity.
  • Gives you the power to let the interviewer know who you are and what you bring without feeling like you are bragging





One-on-one Attention
Two 60-minute sessions of interview coaching by a professionally trained and experienced coach where the focus will be on you and your specific needs, wants and problems.


Recorded Sessions
The sessions will be recorded and you will be sent a link to download and listen to on your favorite device. Hearing yourself -as well as hearing the suggestions from the coach - may not be easy at times - but it will be rewarding to get straightforward, honest feedback.


Specialized Coaching
The agenda will be up to you and what you want or need. This is your opportunity to find out why you are not getting a call-back or an in-person interview. The sessions are tailored to you and your needs - whatever they may be - ranging from the basics to salary negotiations.


Your Own Personal Statement Written for You
Every client will receive a personalized "5 point" statement of what you have to offer. These 5 points can be used to answer one of the dreaded questions - "Tell me about yourself" - as well as a summary of what you have to offer as a closing statement. These 5 points become the basis of answering several questions about you and why you stand out from the other candidates. It is a personalized statement that only you can say. You will receive these 5 points by email after the first session.






  • The first step in this process is to send your resume for review.
  • Next, you send a job posting that is of interest to you. Your resume will be compared against the job description/posting and viewed from the interviewer point of view. We think strategy together. (What will it take to get this job done? If you were the employer, what would you be looking for in a candidate?)
  • You will be sent  exercises, templates, etc., via email. If you have additional information to send the coach that will assist the coaching in understanding your situation, you are encouraged to send that information. You will be expected to do your homework and prepare for the sessions. When you are ready to begin the coaching you will let the coach know.
  • We will schedule our first session and you will be sent a number to call. This is a virtual conference room where the session is taped. You are given feedback on any answers that you want to practice, as well as information on how to sell yourself more effectively. We will work on your success stories to emphasize your past experiences. You may also send these stories to your coach via email for critique.
  • We will work on answers to your most dreaded questions; strategize salary negotiation; deal with sticky situations bad references, been fired or laid off? We will think of answers and script these answers so that you can practice to be able to handle these questions with confidence.
  • Follow up email is available - and encouraged. You hire a coach who wants you to succeed! Someone who cares!



Don´t miss the chance get a  a dedicated team of HR experts working for you!







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Use this part of our secure ordering process to tell us about YOU! If you're not sure whether some aspect of your past is relevant to your current job search, INCLUDE IT ANYWAY and let our coaches decide.  Immediately after ordering, you will receive an order ID and user name/password for our client services center where you can view your order status and/or correspond directly with the coach working on your project!



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Step 2 - Upload your resume and the job description or any other file(s) to us:


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We are proud to offer a wide variety of convenient payment options. Our customers can elect to pay for purchases using credit/debit cards or PayPal, both of which offer online and instant payments, or choose to pay via paper check or bank wire, both of which offer a 4% discount relative to credit/debit card and PayPal pricing. 



Interview Preparation Package - 149 USD (or 145 if paid by bank wire or check)