From HR to HR - Our Service Package


A full HR team at your disposal, offering a complete package of services and flexibility in how you use it, this is our proposal.


Our consultants work for several companies, making it possible to share the operational cost and thus presenting an excellent service at a more than competitive rate.


Speaking of operating costs: We offer the possibility of international training, with participants from all over the world, through our online system. This allows managers from all over the world to interact and share knowledge and experience without the high travel costs, not to mention the time away from the office.



An HR Services  Package!


Our service Package includes:


  • Recruitment
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Career Coaching
  • Outplacement
  • Organizational Design and Structure Consulting
  • Compensation Survey
  • Employee Benefits Survey
  • Engagement Survey
  • Access to 500+ HR files



Package or credits? Both!


Our work proposal consists of a standard contract, chosen among 3 predefined service packages. But we know that business demands change and with that your HR needs, so we offer flexibility in the use of our services with the flexibility of credits.


Hiring freeze? Use the credit for training initiatives and increase your retention rate!



Need a greater amount of training or recruitment? The values and amounts of credits per service are fixed, that is, you already know how much you will spend during the year right at the beginning, no hidden costs or surprises.



Price or quality? Both!


What if for the value of an intern, you had an entire team at your disposal? This is our proposition!


By hiring a package with us, you'll be counting on:


  • Bilingual Recruiters
  • Experts In:
    • Strategy,
    • Health And Safety,
    • Change Management and
    • Leadership
  • HR analysts specialized in Training and Development, Compensation, Performance Management and Benefits
  • Coaches with Vast Corporate Experience
  • Career Consultants
  • Access to international HR training with opportunities for experience exchange



Systems and documentation to facilitate HR management


Our Proposal Also Includes:


  • Performance Management System
  • 500+ HR files including forms, spreadsheets, Policies and procedures (USA)
  • Monthly Newsletter with HR content from all over the world



Local and international training programs


More than 100 trainings at your disposal (download the catalogue at the link below), available in 5 languages and 3 formats at one flat value of credits:


    • In Company (Min. than 15 Participants)
    •  In Our Training locations all over the world
    • Online (perfect for remote teams and international exchange)


Possibility of training sessions with international participants - our leadership trainings are offered in several countries, and the online experience enables participants from various backgrounds to participate in our trainings, allowing the experience exchange and networking during these sessions without the high travel costs and employee's absence.


Download our HR Library Document List and Training Catalog and schedule a meeting to learn and see how our Performance Evaluation System, Salary Survey and Organizational Design Consulting work.