HR Needs to be Trusted – What to do when it is not?


HR is an important part of any business. It is their job to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no issues with people. The problem is that, too often, HR does not maintain the trust that it needs. Some people outright despise HR, making it out as the enemy of the workplace. This is true for all people in a business, and it becomes more evident in changing situations, such as M&As and financial turmoils. Everyone from the regular blue collar workers to executives find reasons to dislike the HR department. HR workers are everything, from annoying gossipers to people out to ruin everyone’s day. This is what happens when there is no trust in the HR department and it leads to a less effective business as a whole. For everything to function properly and for the business to succeed, the HR department needs to start building up trust.

It is not difficult for HR to start building trust. It is something that the department can manage with relative ease and that can prove successful. The steps to developing that trust are simple. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure that everyone knows your purpose and intentions. Everyone should understand this and there should be no grey areas. Whether the individuals are executives or average workers, they should have a complete understanding of where the department stands. Make this happen for every issue in which the HR department is involved.

  • Discuss the expectations of the HR department. You should not leave this area muddy and up for change. This is part of understanding the department. Every person involved in the business should know fully what the department does and can do. Regular discussions and allowing people to speak freely can help with this.

  •  Remain professional without becoming a sterile, impersonal environment. When dealing with all matters, the HR department should remain impartial and dedicated to the facts. When dealing with people personally, the department should remain understanding and caring. Facts are always the most important aspect of business, but one should never neglect the value of care and developing connections with other workers.

  • With facts, the HR department should stick with them. Never allow personal feelings or difficulties get in the way of the truth. Along those lines, the department should not give special treatment to certain individuals while ignoring others, either. It is all about creating an equal and safe workplace.


  • Keep it human. Be nice, be courteous, and be respectful. No matter what you do or what side you are on, you want to maintain a human approach to every situation. Since you, too, are human, you should remember that humans can make mistakes. Along with being nice to others, remember to own up to mistakes that you make.

  • ·Do your work. The easiest way to maintain trust in a work environment is to produce constant, positive results. This is your job and you should take the time to do it. Never become too relaxed to do your tasks or neglect important work for other matters. As long as you remain on top of things, you can always keep the trust of those around you.

  • By building up a rapport with the staff and executives, and by remaining a neutral power in the business,  the HR department can become a trusted source for assistance when there are problems in the workplace.