How Is Your Credibility?


In today’s world, credibility as a person is important. It can be quite difficult to stick to what you know is right when it becomes difficult to trudge along the right path. Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you are wanting to become a better person on the inside so people can tell from the outside:

Do you follow through with what you say? It is important to stick to what you say. If you are constantly saying one thing and then doing the opposite, you will quickly lose all of your credibility. The most trustworthy person keeps their word.

Do you keep your values and morals close to you or do you lose them when push comes to shove? Good times go and hard times come, but your morals should not lose stability as easily. Of course, our values do change as we grow and learn, but we should always strive to do the correct thing, no matter how difficult it may be.

Do you still continue to follow your values and do the thing you know is right, even when it is very difficult? Often times the right choice is not the easy one. While the wrong choice may be easy, would you be able to feel good telling someone else what you did? Would that choice make you proud of yourself?

Do you truly care about yourself, your morals, the people around you, and the consequences of your actions? Do you truly want what’s best for both you and the people around you or do you simply act like you do when you’re in front of people?

Do you look to benefit yourself or do you look for what’s best for everyone? If you are only out to do things for self-gain, then you do not truly have everyone’s interest in mind.

Does the way you act show that you truly want what is best for everyone? If someone you knew were to answer this question, would you like their answer?

Would someone looking in at you from the outside be able to tell what choice you might make based on the decisions you’ve made and are making? Are you consistent with your values or do you lose them frequently? It can be difficult to stay consistent on the path of good. Though times get troubling, we must stand strong and try to always pick the option which will benefit everyone instead of harming others for self-gain.