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Choosing the right career path is an important and personal decision, and we want to help you. Stark HR has has taken special care to develop the ebooks below to support you, with special insights,  and advices


So, whether you’re perfectly content in your current role (but still want to grow professionally) or if you desire additional challenges, these eBooks can help you stand out and flourish!


- "What is your employee behavior profile?"


More than knowing others, the key to success lies in self-knowledge. It is essential that we know what we like and do not like, our strengths and development needs, our challenges and limits. 


This e -book will help you in this process !

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- "My team role profile"


You know what your characteristics are when working in a team? Do you know what role you play in a group?


Knowing your characteristics - strengths and weaknesses - is very important in a teamwork, whether you are the leader or a group member.


This is a self-perception questionnaire that will help you discover your preferred team role!

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- "Are You Ready For The Change?"

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When it comes time to make a change, be ready. This is the only way to ensure that you get to a new career where you are happy and can live to your fullest potential.


Download this eBook now and learn more about it!


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- "Interpersonal Communication Skills Inventory"


This Interpersonal Communication Skills Inventory is designed to provide individuals with some insights into their communication strengths and potential areas for development. By answering each question candidly, an individual will receive a profile that displays their level of competence in four key communication areas


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- "Personality Test"

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What kind of person are you? How does this affect your career motivation? Taking a personality test will help you understand more about your personal style and find the work that will be right for you.


Download this simple test that looks at your personality preferences.


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