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"Conducting Annual Performance Reviews"


Any great boss will tell you that employee reviews are a cornerstone for having happy and productive employees.  Employees need to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.  Once an employee understands their performance, you and the employee can take steps to improve their weaknesses.








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Business Succession Planning 101


The loss of valuable leadership can cripple a company. Business succession planning is essentially preparing successors to take on vital leadership roles when the need arises.

Whether it is preparing someone to take over as the sole proprietor of a small business or a position of leadership in a corporation, business succession planning is essential to the long-term survival of a company.


This book will teach you the difference between succession planning and mere replacement planning and how to prepare people to take on the responsibilities of leadership so that the company thrives in the transition.

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Performance Management Planning



Performance Management is not a company’s way of employing “micro-managing” techniques that stunt the professional growth of its employees. But rather, it is a strategic approach to ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. Whether at the organizational, departmental or employee level, the goal of performance management is to make sure all business goals are being met in a satisfactorily manner.

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Are you having problems finding the right job? How to demonstrate that you are the right person for the position? How to make sure you are making the right movement in your career? This book covers from Job Hunting, Application until the Interview process with many exercises that will make you think and prepare yourself better for your next opportunity.

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Your business’s profitability relies on several things. You have to consider the impact that HR can have on profitability, as well. See how HR can help you build a more efficient, effective business, keeping focus also on the business aspects in general.

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