Execution - that´s what we are here for!

StarkHR is a company that turns your strategy into results while helping you with EXECUTION.



Our goal is to provide you with an HR team that can work in your favor, no matter where in the world you go. As new challenges appear and you take on greater responsibilities, you can turn to us to take on special projects in almost any place. We work all across the world, including United States, Europe, and Latin America, and can manage the HR fully.



With years of HR experience in the market, we are bringing the same quality service rendered to big companies, but to a much lower rate. We deliver value beyond cost reductions, helping the customer achieve significant ROI, employee loyalty, and sustainability goals



The complex nature of businesses, especially on a International scale, requires dedicated and knowledgeable help. The differences in laws, expectations, markets, standards, and other details will make it hard to transition to a International market alone. Whatever your own determination and skills, the amount of work ahead of you is insurmountable alone. Even with a domestic team, you may not have the full help, information, and guidance that you need.



Our services help you to overcome these challenges and move forward with your operations anywhere. We have an understanding of laws, regulations, and the requirements of HR around the globe. Using our knowledge and capabilities, you can have an HR team that gives your business a push forward. By minimizing risks, maximizing potential profits and opportunities, managing expenses, and focusing on the little details, you can focus on the business and the big details. You can have a business that runs the way it should and that brings positive results.








We can support you in any aspect of Human Resources, in any place at any time. You should talk to us if you want to:


 Improve the performance of HR functions – we support HR Directors and Managers of client organizations with improving the performance of the HR function – examples include implementing a HR Business Partner Delivery Model, redesigning HR processes or implementing a HRIS system.





Expansion/Change management projects - Stark HR is typically staffed on large transformations to ensure that the necessary people and human capital expertise is on board, complementing the traditional ‘hard’ functional skills that already are part of the project. For example: a Sales Strategy Transformation program at a client may need human capital consultants to covers areas such as Leadership Alignment, Change Management, Training and Communication.



M&A/Divestment projects - we are hired by clients –  business, HR or works councils – to support broader human capital issues, this can range from providing HR support on M&A projects to managing a cultural transformation or evaluating/developing a succession/retention plan for critical business functions.