Our workshops have been created to help advise business owners regarding any number of business issues, including marketing, sales, financing, expansion and so on

They are a great opportunity to meet a group of business professionals who can help you run your business better. Our meetings are structured both to help with the direct operation of your company and to keep you informed on various business, legal and financial trends that may affect you and your business

You will also meet entrepreneurs from other industries who understand the basics of business and will view your operation with a fresh eye.

Keep in mind that, by being part of this group, you will benefit in a variety of tangible and intangible ways. Being on our meetings will expose you to ideas and perspectives you may have otherwise missed. It will also expand your own networks, which can offer a wide range of advantages.

With over 40 years of shared experience with start-ups, greenfields, spin-offs and mergers, our primary responsibility is to protect the entrepreneur assets and ensure you receive a decent return on your investment.