Our Team


Cristine Sauter

Cristine Sauter is a professional with over 20 years of experience, 15 of which are in the Human Resources field. She has worked her way up the ladder, becoming director and manager in HR offices at various locations. Through these years, Sauter has been able to develop both her hard and soft skills while improving corporations. These corporate improvements have allowed for growth without sacrificing the needs of the employees, too. This is thanks to her ability to communicate, meet goals, manage numerous areas of a business, and push a business closer to success. She has made it possible for businesses to unlock their full potential.

Businesses that have employed Cristine Sauter have seen a noticeable improvement in performance and employee satisfaction. This is thanks to two things. The first is Sauter’s dedication to meeting company goals. She understands the intention and direction of the company, and she works in a way that pushes the company in the right direction. While doing this, Sauter watches out for the employees. She understands that the employees have unique needs that one cannot neglect. Sauter finds the perfect balance between achieving company goals and keeping the people at the company happy. Doing so is what leads to success for the businesses that choose to employ her